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Heaving the Giants

HEAVING (pronounce hee-ving) = to raise or to lift, to throw or toss.


Heaving the Giants is Kapojos first attempt to create a performance/ video where he could be fully involved in as many areas as possible. He created the sculptures, storyline, choreography, performing himself the martial arts and dancescenes, but also help shaping the music and video editing. He is director, creator, designer and performer.

Heaving the Giants displays an experiment of bringing together different elements, such as performance, sculpture dance, martial arts, religion, science fiction, music, devotion, violence, tenderness, retro videogames and Kung Fu movies. Kapojos is using all these different elements as building blocks and molds them into shape, like making a very multilayered artwork. Kapojos made 2 large sculptures for this performance and wanted to expand these sculptures and his expressive field by using as much of himself as possible and adding his own body to his art; dancing and fighting with his own artworks and with other performers. 


Heaving the Giants is created and recorded in Zwolle 2021 and financed by Gemeente Zwolle, Cultuur en Kwaliteit.

Year: 2021

Choreography: Damian Kapojos, Wendy Lugtmeijer

Performers: Damian Kapojos, Wendy Lugtmeijer, Jean Luc Grandjean

Music: Gyséle de Saint-Obin

Camera: Job van Es, Jovan Avramoski

Editor: Jovan Avramoski

Special thanks to dancer/choreographer and amazing partner Wendy Lugtmeijer, who helped and supported Kapojos in choreographing and managing this project!

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